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The 410-carat Regent Diamond played a part in the French Revolution. It was one of the last big diamonds to be found in India, in 1701. The Regent Diamond came to England and was later named 'the Pitt.' The major part of the Regent Diamond left after being cut was sold to the Regent of France, where the diamond acquired its current name. Later Marie Antoinette wore the Regent Diamond and on September 17th, 1792, it was among the French Crown jewels that were stolen during the early stages of the French Revolution. Most of the treasures were quickly recovered but the Regent diamond did not come to light until fifteen months later when it was found in a hole in a beam of a Paris garret.

During the Directoire period, the Regent and other diamonds were pawned to a Berlin banker for 4 million francs to keep fourteen French armies in the field. The Regent Diamond was redeemed and then used as guarantee for a loan from a Dutchman. After the diamond was again recovered, Napoleon Bonaparte had it set in the hilt of a sword he carried when being proclaimed Emperor of France.

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